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    It doesn’t necessarily mean that two people are “exclusive”; they can also be seeing other people at the same time. groups (bags) "5" and "7," above, are 6-sided tops, and as such invariably have words on the sides and must be read with the top lying on its side -- the words are lined up with the stem of the put and take top (go in the same direction as/are parallel to the length of the stem) . words/letters read with the stem being upright (invariably, 8-sided put & takes) OR with the stem held horizontally (invariably, 6-sided put & takes). words (eg., "take all") OR letters (eg., "TA") on the sides. smooth handle/stem OR knurled/serrated handle/stem. One of the most surprising (to me) things said there is: "'Put and Take' .... racehorses of the 20th century." See 8 of these tops in original box here. Both the top (much bigger and heavier than most: c. "Also known as "The Sport of Kings," and often linked with gambling, flat racing has been a popular sport for hundreds of years. The Poker one has on the upper level: FULLH, 3, STRT, 4, FLUSH, 2; and on lower level: A K Q J 10 9. It looks nice, but is a TERRIBLE spinner -- it simply hardly ever can be gotten to spin! I soaked it in WD-40, but still could not unscrew it to correct it. The seller described it as: "Bi-level poker top ... I ordered one (July 2013), and it just arrived in a 12" x 12" x 12" box. Per Shapeways: "Dice version of the spinning top game "put and take." One die is labeled the other is labeled . Can be used as a D8 die, or labeled with options for the game "put and take" or "toma todo." Picture here. The star can be used as an extra rule, for example, all take, take one from everyone one, everyone takes one from you, take half, put half, etc. hides 3 dice and one brass put and take, or teetotum spinner, which fit into the handle .... Measures 10 1/4" in diameter and stands 5 1/2" high. Nine "sides" or commands in this order: take all, put three, take two, all put, take three, put one, re-spin (spin again), take one, put two. Box is bent out of shape and had some water damage in one corner.

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    You can lighten up with success stories like Chip Gaines’s autobiography ‘Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff.’ His winning personality and his unrelenting determination help to remind us that hard and smart work can pay off.

    Jonathan and Drew Scott tell their own success story in ‘It Takes Two: Our Story.’ Their personalities compliment each other so well they have made two hit shows out of it.

    The Trustees are there, and the Friends of the Library are bustling around inviting people, volunteering, and helping with the craft for all ages.

    The Friends have sponsored and planned the whole thing with library staff, helping to make the Library a community space, even when the computers are off.

    Many readers have recognized that self-help books are not only for people trying to fix a specific problem, or people who have a great shortcoming.They will give out one book per library card, so be sure to sign all of the kids up for a library card before the event.The craft is an ornament or magnet made with scrabble letters to say whatever you want to express this season. This Open House is unique, and the library is being opened in the evening solely so people can gather and mingle. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just look up the answer to the age-old question ‘How can I become happy and successful? Well, the literary world is amazing and you can, straight up.As an example from the book, Barker talks about studies that show that conflicting thoughts are usually different parts of the brain reacting simultaneously. For more Buddhist neuroscience, try Robert Wright’s ‘Why Buddhism Is True.’ Barbara Oakley came out with ‘Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential.’ This read is empowering because Oakley explains, with neuroscientific support, that plenty of conventional ideas about learning, mental pliability, and ‘bad’ mental traits are misleading and limiting, particularly as they apply to age and background. Walter draws upon Leonardo’s own writings and tells a story that melds Leonardo’s passion for science with his love for art.When you see a donut, part of your brain screams “Calories! She explains that if the old dog goes about it the right way, then they learn new tricks. Happy people tend to be successful, and vice versa. There are other kinds of art, like that sought by Emily Nunn in her book ‘The Comfort Food Diaries: My Quest for the Perfect Dish to Mend a Broken Heart.’ After suffering life-shaking changes, she sets out on a road trip to visit friends and family to recenter herself with cooking and eating being the great thing they all had in common. People like Whitney Cummings, who wrote a biography called ‘I’m Fine…

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