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    Validating function #4 does have zero slippage, but it over-judges 87.5% of the time.

    Society lifestyle choices vegetarianism dating and personals

    We call yourself humans, but we kill worse than beasts. One quote by William Shakespeare says: Man without his word is no better than a beast. Human without his word and opinions is no better than a beast. Do people from consumer society respect other species and enviroment? We mined more than a half of oil resources and these resources were created for hundreds years. Electric car are designed or cars which function on principe of solar energy. Because people who hold this world and make decisions don't want change. Now, I'm going to explain to you biggest ecological problems of the world. Power stations which are based on combustion of coal makes even more dirtier. 2.2.3 Wasting The world has largely gotten accustomed to a throwaway lifestyle.2.2.1 Climate Change Global warming has been concerning scientists for years. Why do so many people still think climate change isn’t real? The good news is that despite the urgency of the crisis, there are new technological developments as well as meaningful lifestyle changes you can make to help. But when finally someone tries to establish new wind power station, people don't want it. Waterways are pre-fulled with trash and modernized nations ship their leftovers to the third world.Introduction When I first thought about my themes for project week, I was absolutely sure, that I 'd choose english.Suddenly I saw topic „We live in a consumer society“ and I knew that it would be mine. I'm vegetarian, I support underground music and lifestyle.And there is virtually no land left that is not subject to light or noise pollution. We must ask and insist on answers for our questions.Big countries like USA or China have to change their opinions for deforestation, and they have to do it right now. We must open the Pandora's boxes of our goverments and finally see the truth. Animals whose habitats are getting smaller and smaller, our Earth which seems really tired of our misuse of her resources.I think it's important for people, to have deeper knowledge about consume, about their consuming lifestyles.People have to open their minds and search and don't take everything that it's said to them.

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    If more people start to be open minded consuming society won't control masses.

    (When an indicator species becomes endangered, this means an entire ecosystem faces collapse.) The consequences can have global impact. From genetic manipulation and cloning to public health issues and food and drug contamination, we have to aks for more informations. And I hope that you'll try to start to live this way too.

    For example cheetahs, dugongs, leopards are on the list of endangered species. If not, nevermind, it's just your choice and your life.

    And people in developing countries fight everyday for a bottle of safe water. 2.2.5 Food I've been talking about this theme in topic vegetariasm and veganism. What about hunting – is that good for the environment?

    But It's also an ecological problem, because we know that the planet can’t afford the Western way of eating. We are in 21st century and there are still people dying because of starvation.

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