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    Researchers agree that our sense of smell is important to human relationships, and that we are hard-wired to be drawn to people whose scent we like—be it from a bottle or their armpits.

    Validating in visual basic

    This procedure accurately ' checks cards from American Express, Australian Bank Card, Carte Blanche, ' Diners Club, Discover/Novus, JCB, Master Card and Visa.' ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ' CAUTION: ' CCVS uses exact number ranges as part of the validation process. If presently undefined ranges ' come into use in the future, this program will improperly deject card ' numbers in such ranges, rendering an error message entitled "Potential ' Card Type Discrepancy." If this happens while entering a card & type ' you KNOW are valid, please contact us so we can update the ranges.All that is done is to split the date string up into month, day, and year, and then to attempt to create a date time value from those parts.If the operation succeeds, the method returns true, if it fails (with an invalid date) the failure is trapped in a catch block which in turn returns a false.' g) Please email us any revisions made to this code. Sites such as code repositories ' need to provide a link directly to our URI, below. Analysis And Solutions.com/code/' The Analysis and Solutions Company [email protected] And ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Public Function CCValidation Solution(Number As String) As Boolean On Error Go To Err Handle Dim Number Length As Integer Dim Card Name As String Dim Should Length As Integer Dim Missing As Integer '1) Get rid of spaces and non-numeric characters.Number = Only Numeric Solution(Number) '2) Do the first four digits fit within proper ranges?Number Length = 50 End If ' Go through each number in the string.

    'For longer numbers, increase variable data types as needed. Dim Digit As Byte Number Length = Len(Number) 'Add even digits in even length strings 'or odd digits in odd length strings.

    For more information, please read the comments in the code itself.

    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ' Credit Card Validation Solution, version 3.7 Visual Basic Edition ' 20 December 2002 ' ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ' DESCRIPTION: ' Credit Card Validation Solution uses a four step process to ensure ' credit card numbers are keyed in correctly.

    ' * The three functions here can be called from elsewhere in your databse ' to check any number.

    ' ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ' CREDITS: ' We learned of the Mod 10 Algorithm in some Perl code, entitled ' "The Validator," available on Matt's Script Archive, '

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